Texas Insurance Coverage Disputes Defense Lawyers

The coverage dispute lawyers at Shaw Cowart LLP offer the best legal advice and representation for insurance defense throughout Houston, Beaumont and Austin, Texas. Our firm has expert knowledge and resources in defending:

  •     Insurance claims
  •     Insurance coverage disputes
  •     Subrogation issues

The insurance defense attorneys of our firm have extensive experience in all levels of state and federal courts.
Types of Insurance Defense in Texas
Shaw Cowart LLP provides a wide array of legal services for insurance companies, including:

  •     Bad faith litigation
  •     Claim management
  •     Apportionment services
  •     Opinion letters for coverage
  •     Declaratory judgments
  •     All areas of tort litigation
  •     Liability litigation
  •     Insurance appellate litigation

Defense through Arbitration and Mediation
The goal of our coverage dispute lawyers is to settle every claim prior to going to court to avoid costly litigation. We recognize it is essential to an insurance company’s well-being to maintain low overhead costs. One major cause of disputes is insurance fraud, which can devastate insurance companies, and cause unnecessary inflation of rates to policy holders. Other examples of coverage disputes arise out of confusion or misunderstanding of the policy, including arguments over verbiage in an insurance policy, claims filed for events explicitly covered or excluded by the policy, or from a policy holder exceeding policy limits. Disagreements related to primary and secondary insurance liability can occur. Clerical error that causes coverage to lapse can also create problems for insurance companies.
Our firm frequently assists insurance providers in seeking resolution for all areas of coverage discrepancies. We will carefully examine the policy and determine the amount warranted to be paid to the policy holder, and we will state the facts in a well-drafted opinion letter. After submitting the letter, we will work through arbitration and mediation to develop the settlement that will protect the insurance company’s interests. Shaw Cowart’s insurance defense lawyers have the reputation of always seeking what is best for our clients.
Your Best Insurance Defense Lawyers
To resolve coverage disputes, enlist the insurance litigation defense attorneys at Shaw Cowart LLP. We will always focus on settling claims whenever possible for as little as possible. Contact our Houston, Beaumont or Austin office today.

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