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Welcome to Austin Insurance Services. We operates as an insurance services reviews systems for Austin insurance companies, agency, law firms, lawyers. Austin Insurance Services serves customers in Texas, United States. We specialize in Austin, Texas and have offices in Houston, Texas.

Currently, we have reviews hundreds  Insurance Agency, Insurance Attorneys, insurance companies in Austin, Texas.
We are developing and will be review Lawyers in Texas soon.

What is Insurance Agency?

An insurance agency, sometimes called an insurance brokerage or independent agency, solicits, writes and binds policies through many different insurance companies. They are not directly employed by any one insurance carrier. An example would be Danback Insurance Agency. This is an independent insurance agency in Austin, TX that employs insurance agents or brokers to sell products off different insurance companies that they are appointed with. A Danback Insurance agent doesn’t work for any individual insurance carrier. Unlike a State Farm, Farmers, or American Family agent that is employed by those companies to only offer their products. These agents are often called captive agents. Agencies can decided which insurance carriers they would like to represent and which personal and business products they would like to offer. This allows their clients to find them the best coverage and price that is available. The sames for Austin insurance companies.

What is insurance carrier?

An insurance carrier (insurance companies) such as; Travelers, Metlife, State Farm, Safeco, are where the company actual creates and manages the insurance products that they would like to sell. They control the underwriting, claims, pricing, and the overall guidance of the company. Let’s look at an example for each of these. If you were to buy an Ipad from Wal-Mart, then Wal-Mart would be the insurance agency and Apple would be the insurance carrier. Thus, Apple manufactures and creates the Ipad and Wal-Mart is where you buy them from but they also offer many other similar products to the Ipad.

What is the purpose of an insurance defense attorney?

An insurance defense attorney is used when an insurance company and an insured client are sued for something in the client’s contract. For example, if said client causes a car accident that results in another person suffering injury or death. The victim or his or her loved ones may go to court seeking compensation for their losses. This compensation — if awarded — is usually paid out by the responsible party’s insurance company. However, it is possible to fight accusations of liability and any awarded amount — if necessary.

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4.7/5 - (1079 votes)

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