Pickup Truck Insurance Rates for 2022 – Which Pickups are Cheap to Insure?

Are you looking for insurance for your pickup? Find information about pickup truck insurance rates – What kind of pickup is cheap to insure? This article will provide complete information about the types of insurance for pickup trucks, prices, and rate comparisons between vehicles, insurance companies.

No matter where you live, owning a truck will make your life easier than driving a sedan and SUV. These trucks are great for helping friends move, towing, and tailgating.

Trucks have one thing in common: they must be insured. Trucks are on average the most affordable vehicle type to insure with an average annual premium of $1,731 for 2020. Saving anywhere is still saving everywhere. Let’s compare rates between providers to find the best truck models and discover which are the most affordable.

What pickups are eligible for cheap truck insurance? To find the most affordable truck insurance, we compare insurance rates for pickup trucks of all sizes.

  • Truck insurance can cost as little as $100 per month.
  • New model trucks have a value between $20,000 and $40,000
  • You will save a lot on your monthly premiums if you have more safety features in your truck.
  • The cost of commercial truck insurance for business use is significantly higher than the cost of personal auto insurance for trucks.

How much is insurance for trucks?

The Ford F-150 is one of the most affordable trucks to insure
The Ford F-150 is one of the most affordable trucks to insure

What is the cost of auto insurance for trucks? The answer will depend on the truck you are trying to insure, which insurer you choose, as well as whether you have a clean driving history. Pickup truck insurance rates depend on the make of the vehicle. So, how much does truck insurance cost?

The Ford F-150, Ford Ranger, and Chevy Colorado are the most affordable trucks to insure. These monthly auto insurance rates reflect the most recent model years for each vehicle. You will probably save more if you buy a new truck.

These trucks have the most recent technology, so they are more expensive than average. Comprehensive and collision coverage is also worth more than liability insurance.

Pickup insurance prices vary depending on who you are, where you live, what your gender is, how much insurance you have, and many other factors. Continue reading to find out why pickup trucks are more affordable than other automobiles for auto insurance.

Pickup truck insurance at the best price

Cheapest Pickup Truck Insurance Rates
Cheapest Pickup Truck Insurance Rates

We have broken down car insurance quotes from top companies to compare pickup trucks of different makes and models. To compare pickup truck insurance rates on the model that you are considering purchasing, refer to the following list. The Chevy Colorado is the most affordable pickup to insure.

Full-size trucks are the top-selling vehicle in America. They include the Ford F-Series and Ram Truck as well as the Chevy Silverado. How does the insurance cost for large trucks compare with other models?

Chevrolet Colorado

A Chevy Colorado can tow between 3,500 and 7,500 pounds. This pickup has the lowest insurance premium and list price among all surveyed.

The 2020 Chevy Colorado’s list price is $21,300, with an average annual premium at $1,113. Your monthly premium could be as low as $89 per month if you choose Nationwide and USAA.

Annual Average Chevrolet Colorado Insurance Premiums

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $1,874 $156
GEICO $1,274 $106
Farmers $1,546 $128
Liberty Mutual $1,689 $140
Nationwide $1,066 $88
Progressive $1,428 $119
State Farm $1,358 $113
USAA $1,066 $88

Chevrolet Silverado

The next Chevy model that we evaluated, the Chevrolet Silverado is a larger truck with greater towing capacity than either Colorado or Colorado. This is reflected in both list price and cost to insure.

Silverado ranks in the middle-to-high end of the surveyed pickup trucks. It has a list price of $28,300 and an annual cost of $1,169 to insure. Start your search with USAA or Nationwide to find the lowest insurance rates for a Chevy Silverado.

Annual Average Chevrolet Silverado Insurance Costs

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $1,863 $155
GEICO $1,330 $110
Farmers $1,552 $129
Liberty Mutual $1,554 $130
Nationwide $1,135 $94
Progressive $1,501 $125
State Farm $1,382 $115
USAA $1,070 $89

Ford F-150

The classic pickup truck is the Ford F-150. It was slightly more expensive than the Silverado but had the second-cheapest average premium of all pickup trucks.

A Ford F-150 is approximately $94 per month to insure, in addition to its $28,495 list price. The F-150’s lowest insurance provider, USAA drops to $84 per month for this vehicle.

Annual Average Ford F150 Insurance Prices

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $1,816 $151
GEICO $1,266 $106
Farmers $1,472 $123
Liberty Mutual $1,580 $132
Nationwide $1,126 $94
Progressive $1,410 $118
State Farm $1,286 $107
USAA $1,012 $84

GMC Canyon

Two GMC trucks were selected to be compared, the Canyon and Sierra. The first is the Canyon. The Canyon is more powerful and has a lower towing capacity than the Sierra but it costs slightly less to insure than its Sierra counterpart.

Like the pickup trucks, Nationwide was the most affordable insurance company for this model.

Average GMC Canyon Insurance Rates

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $1,980 $165
GEICO $1,338 $112
Farmers $1,507 $126
Liberty Mutual $1,736 $145
Nationwide $1,135 $95
Progressive $1,358 $113
State Farm $1,335 $111
USAA $1,081 $90

GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra has a stronger engine than the Canyon and is listed at $28,300. Canyon has lower than average insurance costs.

The average cost of insuring a GMC Sierra is $1,137 per year, $568 for a six-month policy, and $95 per month. USAA and Nationwide provide the best GMC Sierra insurance.

GMC Sierra Insurance Rates Annual

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $1,815 $151
GEICO $1,265 $105
Farmers $1,514 $126
Liberty Mutual $1,629 $136
Nationwide $1,213 $101
Progressive $1,487 $124
State Farm $1,477 $123
USAA $1,064 $89

Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline truck is Honda’s only commercial vehicle. A Honda Ridgeline is a premium and list-priced vehicle that will cost you nearly $30,000 to purchase and almost $1,420 to insure.

If you are not eligible for USAA, Nationwide is a good option to lower your premium.

Annual Honda Ridgeline Insurance Costs

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $2,108 $176
GEICO $1,604 $134
Farmers $1,811 $151
Liberty Mutual $1,714 $143
Nationwide $1,322 $110
Progressive $1,399 $117
State Farm $1,432 $119
USAA $1,112 $93

Nissan Frontier

Our analysis includes two Nissan pickups that are at opposite ends of the price spectrum. The Nissan Frontier has an affordable list price of $19,090, and an annual cost of insurance at $1,142. This truck is also the most affordable to purchase and to insure.

You will pay $95, for this pickup insurance on a monthly basis. The cheapest options are USAA or Nationwide.

Annual Average Nissan Frontier Insurance Rates

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $1,787 $149
GEICO $1,185 $99
Farmers $1,497 $125
Liberty Mutual $1,689 $141
Nationwide $1,168 $97
Progressive $1,394 $116
State Farm $1,243 $104
USAA $1,011 $84

Nissan Titan

The Nissan Titan may be the right choice for you if you are looking for more power and towing capacity. You will need to be prepared to pay more for this extra power. At $1,485 per year, the Titan is the most expensive truck to insure. It also has the highest list price of $30,690.

You can qualify for USAA to keep your premium below $280. Nationwide might offer the best deal on Nissan Titan insurance.

Average Nissan Titan Insurance Prices

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $2,217 $185
GEICO $1,696 $141
Farmers $1,839 $153
Liberty Mutual $1,773 $148
Nationwide $1,487 $124
Progressive $1,773 $148
State Farm $1,665 $139
USAA $1,203 $100

Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is midrange in the price for top pickup models. This also applies to the cost of insurance. The Tacoma is slightly more expensive to insure per year than the Chevy Colorado.

If you are not eligible for USAA, consider reducing some of these costs by choosing GEICO and Nationwide.

Annual Toyota Tacoma Insurance premiums

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $1,811 $151
GEICO $1,280 $107
Farmers $1,626 $136
Liberty Mutual $1,708 $142
Nationwide $1,147 $96
Progressive $1,444 $120
State Farm $1,353 $113
USAA $1,032 $86

Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra pickup truck, which we last evaluated, has the highest insurance cost and list value. The Tundra costs $33,425, 75% more than the Nissan Frontier.

Tundra insurance is expensive at $1,500/year.

Annual Average Toyota Tundra Insurance Rates

Company Annual Premium Monthly Premium
Allstate $2,291 $191
GEICO $1,708 $142
Farmers $1,897 $158
Liberty Mutual $1,787 $149
Nationwide $1,500 $125
Progressive $1,724 $144
State Farm $1,590 $133
USAA $1,152 $96

Are you looking for additional insurance to cover a pickup?

Pickup Truck Insurance Rates
Pickup Truck Insurance Rates

Auto insurance covers as many types of vehicles as possible. Some characteristics of pickup trucks, and their common uses, may require additional insurance. If you tow trailers or other vehicles with your pickup truck, additional insurance may be required.

Is towing a trailer covered by auto insurance?

It depends. Let’s suppose you are helping your friend move using a U-Haul rental trailer or similar.

The liability coverage of most insurance policies covers bodily injury as well as property damages to another person by your trailer.

The details of your policy will determine whether the trailer is covered. Your trailer may be covered if you have comprehensive or collision insurance.

There’s a possibility that your insurance covers only a specific amount, such as $500. If your trailer is worth more than $500, it might be worth looking into additional physical coverage.

Your auto insurance will not cover the individual items that you tow, either in the trailer or separately. Car insurance may not cover a boat or any belongings in a U-Haul. The trailer and hitch may be covered but the boat and its contents would not.

Tips to Save

You’re likely paying more for pickup truck insurance than you would like, regardless of which company you choose. Let’s look at some money-saving options.

Be intelligent with your claims

Although car insurance’s purpose is to protect your investment there are a few situations where you should file a claim.

If the accident requires a comprehensive claim (something that happened while you are not driving the vehicle), if an uninsured driver hit your car, or if the amount of the damage exceeds the premium increase. The first two examples are fairly straightforward. However, the third one is more complicated.

You have less control over whether you involve insurance companies if you damage another vehicle. You don’t have any choice if the other driver doesn’t want to pay out-of-pocket. This is quite common.

Although there are many differences between states regarding at-fault claim rate increases, the following is an average. A fault accident could increase your rates by more than $2,300 in a three-year time frame.

Double-check for discounts

Even though pickup truck discounts tend to be quite modest, they can add up. These discounts are a great way to save money:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Discount for Good Driver
  • Discount on paperless
  • Bank account payment
  • Paid-in full Discount (paying your premium in one installment)
  • Multi-vehicle discount
  • Telematics

Take a look around

It is important to understand the details of driver-specific car insurance. Data presented here is based on one user profile, which may or not apply to you, or any other driver in your driving profile.

How to get the lowest pick-up truck insurance rate

Maintain a clean driving record: Truck insurance rates will be lower if you have a clean driving history. Your annual premium can be reduced by paying less in installments.

Average Cost of Full-Size Pickup Truck Insurance

Full-size pickup trucks are relatively affordable with wide variations in insurance rates. The most affordable trucks are smaller, less expensive, and more powerful. However, larger trucks with more power may be more costly to insure.

The Best Pickup Trucks and SUVs for Insuring

You need a pickup truck but don’t want it to cost too much. Insurance rates can skyrocket if you buy higher-end pickup trucks. There are many pickup trucks with low insurance rates. Pickup trucks are generally less expensive than cars in terms of insurance rates. This is especially true of light-duty pickup trucks like the Honda Ridgeline.

Compare Pickup Truck Insurance Rates and Coverages

Here are three tables showing insurance rates and coverages for popular SUVs and trucks:

Pickup Truck or SUV Comprehensive Collision Liability Total
Nissan Frontier $294 $500 $420 $1,394
Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD $362 $688 $420 $1,650
GMC Sierra 3500HD $376 $656 $420 $1,632
Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD $404 $656 $420 $1,660
Ford Ranger $254 $470 $372 $1,254
Toyota Tacoma $294 $482 $390 $1,324
Pickup Truck or SUV Comprehensive Collision Liability Total
Chevrolet Tahoe $336 $532 $372 $1,398
Volkswagen Atlas $358 $690 $390 $1,596
Toyota Highlander $332 $512 $390 $1,392
Dodge Durango $348 $562 $372 $1,440
Nissan Pathfinder $294 $452 $390 $1,294
Lexus RX 350 $358 $660 $440 $1,638
Kia Telluride $376 $688 $316 $1,516
Pickup Truck or SUV Comprehensive Collision Liability Total
Ford F-150 $322 $470 $372 $1,322
GMC Sierra 2500HD $336 $656 $420 $1,592
Honda Ridgeline $306 $536 $450 $1,472
Chevrolet Silverado $322 $562 $420 $1,484
Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD $404 $656 $420 $1,660
GMC Sierra 3500HD $376 $656 $420 $1,632
GMC Canyon $270 $478 $398 $1,304

The Most Expensive SUVs and Pickups to Insure

  • Ram 2500 4WD v-8 costs $1850 annually
  • Chevrolet Silverado 3500 HD costs $1,660 per year
  • Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD costs $1,650 per year

Cheapest and Most Expensive Pickup Truck Insurance Companies

  • Average annual premium: $1.295
  • Nodak — $491
  • AAA is the most expensive insurance company — $1,980

Pickup Trucks Best Coverage Type

Comprehensive coverage is an option if your truck, SUV or SUV is at high risk for theft.

Box Truck Insurance: Best coverage

Box trucks must have primary liability and coverage for physical damage. They should also have motor cargo coverage to protect the goods and non-trucking liability coverage that covers the truck when it is not on the road.

Best Insurance Coverage for Renting a Truck

Two of the most popular insurance policies you can buy on a truck rental are supplemental liability (SLI), and limited damage waivers (LDW).

Avoid Expensive Pickup Truck Rates

It is illegal to ride in the cargo space of a pickup truck. Insurance will not cover any claim if you are involved in an accident while riding within the cargo area.

If the following applies, you will not be covered

  • If the truck is being transported on a non-interstate highway, people aged 12 and over are eligible
  • Parades that move less than 15 mph
  • If the child is in an emergency with an adult in the cargo zone
  • When driving on interstate highways, be prepared for emergencies
  • Except where prohibited by law or ordinance, agricultural activities and on roads within a city or county are not permitted

D.C. prohibits riding in the truck’s cargo area. Except for employees on duty, this is not permitted.

It’s important to be aware that you cannot ride in the cargo area of a pickup truck if you are 18 years old or older or if your truck has covered cargo areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of pickup truck insurance?

The Ford F150 is the most affordable insurance rate for 2022 half-ton vehicles at $1,488 per annum. The Chevrolet Silverado is the most expensive at an average of $1,648 per annum for a full coverage policy. Insurance costs for all large trucks are on average $1,578 per annum.

The average pick-up truck insurance cost is $1,578 per year or about $132 per month. This estimate is for a middle-aged safe driver and a full coverage policy with $500 comprehensive and collision deductibles.

Below is a table that shows pickup truck insurance rates per month and annually for the entire 2022 half-ton truck segment.

Comparison of Large Truck Insurance Prices

Rank Make/Model Annual Cost Monthly Cost
1 Ford F150 $1,488 $124
2 Toyota Tundra $1,522 $127
3 GMC Sierra $1,580 $132
4 Ram Truck $1,614 $135
5 Nissan Titan $1,618 $135
6 Chevrolet Silverado $1,648 $137

These rates represent the average insurance cost for each model’s different trim levels. With a difference of $160 per annum between the most affordable and most expensive models, it is possible that insurance costs for a Ford F150 might be higher than that for a Chevrolet Silverado.

The three American-made truck nameplates all include larger three-quarter- and one-ton versions. Let’s compare insurance rates for heavy-duty trucks to the more common half-ton models.

What is the average cost of insurance for heavy-duty trucks?

Heavy-duty truck insurance rates average $1,792 per annum. The 2021 Chevrolet Silverado HD 3500 has the lowest insurance rates at $1.680 per annum, while the Ford F450 Super Duty costs $1,870 per annual full coverage policy.

Here are the monthly and annual insurance costs for 2022 heavy-duty trucks.

Comparison of Heavy Duty Truck Insurance Prices

Rank Make/Model Annual Cost Monthly Cost
1 Chevrolet Silverado HD 3500 $1,680 $140
2 GMC Sierra 2500 HD $1,744 $145
3 Chevrolet Silverado HD 2500 $1,754 $146
4 GMC Sierra 3500 $1,788 $149
5 Ford F250 Super Duty $1,812 $151
6 Ford F350 Super Duty $1,812 $151
7 Ram Truck 2500 $1,814 $151
8 Ram Truck 3500 $1,856 $155
9 Ford F450 Super Duty $1,870 $156

Heavy-duty trucks, which are towers and haulers with upgraded frames, brakes, and powertrains, are known as heavy-duty trucks. These beasts are more expensive than regular-duty trucks. The Denali trim for GMC Sierra heavy-duty line costs almost $80,000.

Which pickup models have cheap truck insurance?

Ford F150 is the most affordable pickup truck for 2022 model years, at an average cost of $1,488 per year. You can expect to pay $744 per month for a 6-month policy, or $124 each.

The Toyota Tundra is second and third in the full-size truck category, at $1,522 annually, while the GMC Sierra costs $1,580 annually.

What is the most expensive truck to insure?

The Chevrolet Silverado is the largest truck that has the highest insurance cost at $1,648 per annum. On average, it will cost $160 more to insure a Chevrolet Silverado every year than the Ford F150, which is the largest large truck you can insure.

An average insurance premium of $1648 per year on a 2021 Chevrolet Silverado is 4.2% higher than the $1,578 large truck average and 7.6% higher than the national average car insurance rates (all vehicles) at $1,523.

How much does average pickup truck insurance cost?

Pick-up truck insurance costs average $1,578 per annum or $132 per month. This is a mid-aged driver who is safe and has a full coverage policy that includes $500 collision and comprehensive deductibles.

A higher policy deductible can help you save money on insurance. This is because the insured will be willing to spend more out-of-pocket in case they have a covered loss. Low deductibles, on the other hand, will result in the insurance company paying more for a claim which, in turn, costs the policyholder more each year.

The Ford F150 is an example of a policy that costs $1,260 with $1,000 deductibles and $1,932 without $100 deductibles. This is $672 more than the insurance price if you take out different deductibles.

How much does pickup truck insurance cost per month?

Half-ton pickup trucks have insurance rates of $124 per month for the Ford F150 and $137 for Chevrolet Silverado. Three-quarter- and one-ton trucks weigh slightly more, ranging from $140 per month for the Chevrolet Silverado HD3500 to $156 respectively for the Ford F450 Super Duty.

The deductible amount on your policy, along with your age, driving record and financial responsibility, are all important factors in determining the cost for insurance. It may be a good idea to insure your truck only for liability if you are insuring an older vehicle. For mature drivers, physical damage coverage is the largest expense. Liability tends to be more expensive for younger drivers.

Is F-150 or Silverado insurance cheaper?

Average insurance costs for a Ford F150 are $1,488 per annum, while Chevrolet Silverado averages $1,648 annually. F150 insurance costs $160 less per year than Silverado.

It is important to consider the truck’s trim level when determining which truck will be covered. A Ford F150 Platinum SuperCrew 2WD is insured at $1,750 per year, while a Silverado LT Crew Cab 4WD is insured at $1,490 per year. The F150 is the more expensive option. The F150 is the winner when all trim levels are combined.

What is the most popular truck sold in America?

It’s not surprising that the Ford F-Series is still the largest large truck segment in terms of the number sold. The F-150 has been the most popular truck for nearly 45 years. However, the Ram Truck has surpassed it with its last-generation redesign.

GM trucks (Chevy, GMC) outsell the F-Series. However, nameplate cannibalization means that GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado sales numbers will not be comparable to Ford’s.

How can you compare truck insurance quotes in the most efficient way?

It is best to compare truck insurance rates by comparing apples-to-apples quotes. To find the lowest rates, ensure that coverages on all price quotes are identical so you can do a fair price comparison.

Truck insurance costs can be affected by many factors, including your driving record, truck make and model, age of driver, and location. There are many insurance companies that will insure pickup trucks in your area.

The key to finding the lowest cost of truck insurance is to get quotes from as many companies as possible. This will ensure you have a wide range of policy options and prices to choose from. It is possible to not choose the cheapest company. This is okay. It is more important to select the right company than the cheapest.

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