How much does Honda Civic insurance cost? Rate for 2022

Do you want to know how much insurance costs a Honda Civic will cost? The Honda Civic has been a popular choice for years because of its great value. We compared average car insurance rates for the base LX up to the Sport Touring model to see how the Civic ranks against other compact cars. The following article will have enough information to help you answer the question How much does Honda Civic insurance cost?

Honda Civic insurance facts

Below are the prices for Honda Civic car insurance rates from top auto insurance companies.

  • The average insurance rate for a Honda Civic is about $113/month
  • Allied (80/month) is the cheapest insurance company
  • Average vehicle insurance cost vs. civic insurance cost: $6 less expensive than average vehicle
  • Honda Civic insurance averages $1,352 per annum, $676 per 6-month policy, or $113/month for full coverage, depending upon the trim level.
  • The 2021 Honda Civic insurance costs $117 less annually than the rest of the compact cars in the segment, and is, therefore, one of the most affordable to insure.
  • The Civic ranks #7 in the compact vehicle class for insurance affordability, out of 24 comparators.
  • The LX Sedan trim level is the most affordable for insurance, at $1,238/year. The Sport Touring Hatchback costs $1,682.

Honda car insurance: By model

Are you looking to purchase a Honda? Here is the average cost of car insurance for one year. For more information, you can also see the breakdown by model below.

2019 ModelAnnual insurance cost
2019 Accord LX$2,374
2019 Civic LX$2,502
2019 Civic Type R$2,402
2019 CR-V LX$2,167
2019 Fit LX$2,230
2019 Insight LX$1,901
2019 Odyssey LX$2,070
2019 Pilot LX$2,225
2019 Ridgeline RT$2,320

Factors that Impact Insurance Costs

Based on the vehicle’s vulnerability to damage, the cost for replacement, theft rate, and safety ratings, insurance companies determine the auto insurance premium. These are the categories that the Civic ranks in.

Sensitivity to Damage

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration rates vehicles according to their damage susceptibility. Honda Civic’s score is 109. This puts it above the 100-point average, but just below the 119 average scores for its competition.

Repairs cost

The Honda Civic is an import vehicle with higher replacement costs than domestic cars of its class. This model is affordable and very popular, so repairs are relatively inexpensive compared to other foreign cars.

Rate of Theft

Due to the high theft rate, Honda Civic insurance can be quite expensive. It is understandable that Civics are more likely to be stolen than other cars. These cars also come with high-value parts that can be used in different Civic years. Older Civics had an ignition block that thieves could easily break, but newer models have better safeguards.

Safety Ratings

When it comes to insurance costs, the Civic’s excellent safety ratings are in its favor. Each model year receives consistent high crash test scores from both the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Cost of repair or replacement points out that the Honda Civic’s relatively low MSRP helps reduce its insurance premium. The insurance company considers how much it would cost to replace or repair your vehicle after a loss.

Driver Age

Insurance companies may be more at risk if small, compact cars are purchased. Many insurers raise the price of small cars because they are often purchased by younger drivers who have less experience.

Drivers under 25 years old are particularly vulnerable. You could spend up to 10% more to insure your Civic than you would for a Honda CR-V, or similar SUV. Value Penguin says that the Civic is the most expensive Honda vehicle to insure.

Age plays an important role in how much you pay for your vehicle insurance. Expert Insurance Reviews estimates that a 30-year old driver of a Honda Civic will pay $1,900 less for a year insurance policy than someone who is 20 years old.

Trimming Year and Model Year

The 2019 model is the most expensive at 6 percent more per year ($250) These are the averages for all other models:

  • 2018 Honda Civic: $2,474/month and $8,727/year
  • 2017 Honda Civic $2,413/month and $8,546/year
  • 2016 Honda Civic $2,347/month and $8,321/year
  • 2015 Honda Civic $2,190/month and $7,821/year
  • 2014 Honda Civic $2,291/month and $8,146/year

Your Honda Civic’s model and trim level can have an impact on the price of insurance. Two-door coupes and sportier models, such as two-door coupes, are more expensive to insure than sedans.

Geographic Location

Insurance companies consider your location when determining whether to insure you. Your risk of theft and accidents could be increased by your geographic location. Your Civic insurance may cost you at least $1321 per year if you are located in Los Angeles.

Driving History

Your Civic insurance will increase if you have any tickets, insurance claims, or violations. This is especially true for drivers in their 20s and adolescence. Value Penguin reports that the average monthly payment to insure a Civic is $197.50 for a 30-year old owner.

Insurance Company

ValuePenguin recommends State Farm as the best and cheapest insurance policy for your Honda Civic. The average premium rate for a 2018 Honda Civic is $1,642. The following are the average yearly premium rates for this make/model from other companies:

  • USAA: $622 annually
  • GEICO: $655/year
  • State Farm: $665/year
  • Erie: $704 annually
  • Progressive: $878 per annum
  • Nationwide: $1,007 annually

How much does Honda Civic Insurance cost?

Average insurance rates for a 2020 Honda Civic are $1,330 per year, or around $111 per month.
Average insurance rates for a 2020 Honda Civic are $1,330 per year or around $111 per month.

Honda Civic insurance was ranked #7 of 24 cars in the 2021 compact vehicle class. Full coverage costs about $1,352 annually, and monthly rates are approximately $113. Civic insurance is $117 cheaper than the average small car, which costs $1,469 annually to insure.

The average monthly cost of car insurance for a Honda Civic is $103 to $140. The LX Sedan costs the least, while the Sport Touring Hatchback has the highest cost.

Below is the 2021 Honda Civic insurance cost breakdown for different drivers ages.

The $500 deductible policy costs $1,352 per annum or $113 per mo for a 40-year old driver.

Monthly car insurance rates can vary depending on which Civic trim level is being insured. Prices range from $103 – $140 with the Civic LX Sedan being the cheapest and Civic Sport Touring Hatchback is the most expensive.

How does Honda Civic car Insurance compare?

Compared with other popular small cars in the market, insurance for the Civic costs $118 more annually than the Toyota Corolla. The cost of insurance is $290 lower than the Hyundai Elantra, $184 lower than the Volkswagen Jetta, and $14 less than the Nissan Sentra.

The Civic ranks #7 of 24 total vehicles in 2021’s compact car segment. On average, it costs $117 less to insure than other cars. The Civic averages $1352 per year in car insurance, while the average cost of full coverage insurance for the compact segment is $1,469 annually.

Honda Civic insurance is 11.2% lower than the national average of $1,523/year for car insurance when compared with all 2021 model-year vehicles (not just small cars).

The chart below compares the 2021 Honda Civic’s insurance cost to those of the top 10 most popular small cars in America. The following table compares insurance costs for all small vehicles to the cost of insuring Honda Civic.

Honda Civic Insurance Cost Compared to All Small Cars

RankMake/ModelInsurance CostDifference
1Chevrolet Spark$1,166-$186
2Kia Rio5$1,226-$126
3Toyota Corolla$1,234-$118
4Volkswagen Golf$1,276-$76
5Subaru Impreza$1,286-$66
6Nissan Sentra$1,338-$14
7Honda Civic$1,352
8Mazda 3$1,352$0
9Kia Rio$1,374$22
10Hyundai Accent$1,388$36
11Kia Forte$1,408$56
12Toyota Prius$1,492$140
13Volkswagen Jetta$1,536$184
14Volkswagen GTI$1,536$184
15Hyundai Veloster$1,540$188
16Chevrolet Bolt$1,544$192
17Nissan Versa$1,546$194
18Nissan Leaf$1,552$200
19Mitsubishi Mirage G4$1,560$208
20Honda Clarity$1,624$272
21Hyundai Elantra$1,642$290
22Hyundai Ioniq$1,670$318
23Toyota 86$1,774$422
24Toyota Mirai$1,840$488

Insurance rates are compared for all trim levels of each vehicle model. Insuring a high-end Civic such as the Touring package could result in higher overall costs.

Keep reading for information on insurance rates for various Civic trims and package levels. For a 30-year-old Honda Civic owner, the average price was $2,370. That’s a monthly payment equal to $197.50.

Despite its reputation for being safe and affordable, the Civic is one of the most expensive Honda cars to insure. The 2019 Civic is the most costly model to insure. Policies cost $2,502 annually. This is 6 percent more than the average Civic.

Year and modelThe annual cost for a 30-year-old driverThe annual cost for the 18-year-old driver
2019 Honda Civic$2,502$8,844
2018 Honda Civic$2,474$8,727
2017 Honda Civic$2,413$8,546
2016 Honda Civic$2,347$8,321
2015 Honda Civic$2,190$7,821
2014 Honda Civic$2,291$8,146

State Farm had the lowest average annual rate for a Honda Civic among the five insurers that we examined.

It is a good idea to compare prices from different insurance companies when purchasing insurance. The price of car insurance can vary depending on where you live and how you drive.

A Honda Civic can be insured at a lower cost by eliminating or reducing collision and comprehensive coverages.

These protections will pay for repairs to your vehicle if it gets damaged. But they can be very expensive to maintain. To reduce your insurance bills, you can raise the deductible, or even eliminate comprehensive and collision coverage.

But, lenders often require that you keep them as part of your loan or lease. So, this might not be possible until you have paid off your car.

Honda Civic Type R Insurance costs

Honda’s Civic Type R high-performance version of the Civic comes with a powerful turbocharged motor and other performance upgrades. Surprisingly we didn’t find higher insurance costs due to this car’s powerful specs. Insure the Civic Type R for an average annual cost of $2,345 across both the 2018-2019 model years. It’s $143 cheaper per year to insure the Civic Type R than it is for regular Civics.

Year and modelThe annual cost for a 30-year-old driverThe annual cost for the 18-year-old driver
2019 Honda Civic Type R$2,402$8,570
2018 Honda Civic Type R$2,287$8,081

Type R insurance is more expensive for younger drivers. For a full year of coverage, an 18-year-old can expect to pay $8,326. These costs arise from the combination of a powerful engine and the use of it in the hands of a less skilled driver. An older driver may feel less comfortable behind the wheel of the Civic Type R, which is only available with a manual transmission.

What is the best Civic to insure at a low price?

The LX Sedan trim is the most affordable Honda Civic for insurance, costing $1,238 annually. Car insurance costs increase with increasing trim levels, which is also true for the vehicle MSRP.

The LX Hatchback, which costs $1,260 annually, is the second most affordable Civic. The Sport Sedan, at $1.284 per year, is the third-cheapest trim level.

Below is a table showing the annual, semiannual, and monthly costs to insure the various trims and styles available for Civics. The Sport Touring Hatchback is the most expensive at $1682 per Year.

2021 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual Policy6-month PolicyPer Month
LX Sedan$1,238$619$103
LX Hatchback$1,260$630$105
Sport Sedan$1,284$642$107
EX Sedan$1,306$653$109
Sport Hatchback$1,306$653$109
LX Coupe$1,346$673$112
EX Hatchback$1,352$676$113
EX-L Navi Hatchback$1,352$676$113
EX-L Sedan$1,352$676$113
EX Coupe$1,392$696$116
Touring Sedan$1,470$735$123
Touring Hatchback$1,502$751$125
Sport Touring Hatchback$1,682$841$140

As I mentioned previously, the price of car insurance increases with the increase in the Civic’s cost. This is illustrated by the table shown above. The Touring and EX-L trims have significantly lower car insurance rates than their cheapest LX Sedan counterparts.

Higher insurance rates for Civic models with higher prices are due to the fact it would be more costly to replace them if the vehicle was totaled than the less expensive models. Any item that could cost an insurance company more will result in higher car insurance rates for consumers.

How much does Honda Civic Si Insurance cost?

Honda Civic Si insurance costs $1,134/year for the 2013 model and $1,500 per year for 2020 Civic Si. The average rate for all Civic trims is $110 per year for 2020 Civic Si, which is about $110 more.

The Si model is not included in our 2021 Honda Civic Insurance Rate Comparisons. Honda has decided to drop the Civic Si model from its 2021 lineup. The 11th generation 2022 Honda Civic Si, however, will be available on November 17th. It will cost just a little more than $26,155.

The rate tables below show the insurance rates for the 2013 to 2020 Honda Civic Si models (less the 2016 hiatus).

The average insurance rates for a Honda Civic SI 2-Dr Coupe are $1,742 a year with full coverage.
The average insurance rates for a Honda Civic SI 2-Dr Coupe are $1,742 a year with full coverage.

What are the Honda Civic insurance rates in 2022?

The insurance cost of the 2022 Honda Civic ranges from $1,338 per year for the base LX model to $1.626 per Year for Type-R.

Expect trim levels to be the same as 2021 models, with LX and Sport trims, EX, and Touring trims on both the Type-R and Si models. Prices will start at $23,000 for the base LX model, and go up to $30,000 for the Touring trim (not including Type R).

The Type-R model with a higher performance rating will be the most anticipated Honda Civic of 2022. Its base MSRP is $39,000. It will be equipped with a turbocharger and dual-clutch or manual powertrain options similar to the Hyundai Veloster N.

You can see the new features in the 2022 Honda Civic by watching the video below. It includes a stronger body structure as well as new front and passenger airbags. These airbags are designed to reduce brain injury and head rotation.

Honda Sensing has also been updated for the 2022 Civic. It now includes traffic sign recognition and traffic jam assistance.

This is possible by using a single-camera setup with a wider field. Honda has confirmed that both the Type-R 2022 Honda Civic Si as well as the Type-R will have a manual transmission.

Honda Civic model years prior to 1995 insurance cost

The following sections describe Honda Civic car insurance rates. They are applicable to every trim level from the 2013-2020 model year.

How much does Honda Civic insurance cost?
How much does Honda Civic insurance cost?

Insurance rates for 2020 Honda Civic

How much does 2020 Honda Civic insurance costs? Insurance rates for 2020 Honda Civics are approximately $1,330/year or $111/month. The Civic LX Sedan rates range from $1,206 to $1,644 and the Civic Sport Touring Hatchback rates are $1,604.

2020 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

2020 Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual RatePer Month
LX Sedan$1,206$101
LX Hatchback$1,230$103
Sport Sedan$1,252$104
EX Sedan$1,274$106
Sport Hatchback$1,274$106
SI Sedan$1,292$108
EX-L Navi Hatchback$1,318$110
EX-L Sedan$1,318$110
LX Coupe$1,318$110
EX Hatchback$1,318$110
Sport Coupe$1,340$112
EX Coupe$1,360$113
Touring Coupe$1,412$118
SI Coupe$1,438$120
Touring Sedan$1,438$120
Touring Hatchback$1,468$122
Sport Touring Hatchback$1,644$137

How much is the 2019 Honda Civic car insurance rate?

The average insurance rate for a 2019 Honda Civic is $1,308 per calendar year or $109 per monthly. The Civic SI Sedan rates are $1,152/year, while the Civic Sport Touring Hatchback rates are $1,502.

2019 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

2019 Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual RatePer Month
SI Sedan$1,152$96
LX Hatchback$1,238$103
LX Sedan$1,238$103
LX Coupe$1,252$104
Sport Coupe$1,252$104
Sport Sedan$1,260$105
EX Hatchback$1,282$107
EX Sedan$1,282$107
Sport Hatchback$1,282$107
EX Coupe$1,294$108
EX-L Sedan$1,324$110
EX-L Navigation Hatchback$1,366$114
Touring Coupe$1,366$114
Touring Sedan$1,366$114
SI Coupe$1,398$117
Touring Hatchback$1,398$117
Type-R Hatchback$1,484$124
Sport Touring Hatchback$1,502$125

Insurance rates for the 2018 Honda Civic

How much does an insurance policy for a 2018 Honda Civic cost? Average 2018 Honda Civic insurance rates are $1,334/year or approximately $111 per monthly. Prices range from $1,134 for Civic SI Sedan to $1.482 for Civic Sport Touring Hatchback.

2018 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

2018 Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual RatePer Month
SI Sedan$1,134$95
LX Coupe$1,230$103
LX-P Coupe$1,272$106
EX-T Coupe$1,272$106
LX Sedan$1,282$107
Type-R Hatchback$1,304$109
LX Hatchback$1,312$109
EX-L Coupe$1,314$110
EX-T Sedan$1,326$111
LX Honda Sensing Sedan$1,326$111
EX Sedan$1,326$111
Sport Hatchback$1,348$112
EX-TL Sedan$1,368$114
EX-T Honda Sensing Sedan$1,368$114
EX Honda Sensing Sedan$1,368$114
EX Hatchback$1,368$114
SI Coupe$1,380$115
Touring Coupe$1,388$116
EX-TL Honda Sensing Sedan$1,410$118
EX-L Hatchback$1,432$119
Touring Sedan$1,452$121
Sport Touring Hatchback$1,482$124

How much does 2017 Honda Civic insurance costs?

The average cost of a 2017 Honda Civic is $1,290 annually for full coverage insurance. It costs around $108 per month. Rates for the Civic SI Sedan starts at $1,064 and go up to $1.448 for Civic Sport Touring Hatchback.

2017 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

2017 Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual RatePer Month
SI Sedan$1,064$89
LX Coupe$1,204$100
LX-P Coupe$1,204$100
EX Coupe$1,244$104
LX Hatchback$1,258$105
LX Sedan$1,258$105
Type-R Touring Hatchback$1,268$106
EX-L Coupe$1,284$107
EX Sedan$1,298$108
Sport Hatchback$1,298$108
SI Coupe$1,306$109
EX-L Sedan$1,332$111
EX Hatchback$1,338$112
Touring Coupe$1,354$113
EX-L Hatchback$1,380$115
Touring Sedan$1,420$118
Sport Touring Hatchback$1,448$121

Average car insurance costs for a 2016 Honda Civic

How much does 2016 Honda Civic Insurance cost? A 2016 Honda Civic’s average car insurance rate is $1,216 per calendar year or approximately $101 per monthly. Rates for the Civic LX Sedan range from $1156 to $1,310, while the Civic Touring Coupe rates are $1,310.

2016 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

2016 Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual RatePer Month
LX Sedan$1,156$96
LX Coupe$1,166$97
EX Sedan$1,202$100
EX-T Sedan$1,222$102
EX-TL Sedan$1,238$103
EX-L Coupe$1,244$104
EX-T Coupe$1,244$104
LX-P Coupe$1,244$104
Touring Sedan$1,298$108
Touring Coupe$1,310$109

How much does 2015 Honda Civic insurance cost?

For a 2015 Honda Civic, insurance rates average $11,128 per year or about $94 per monthly. Rates for the Civic SE Sedan range from $1,020 to $1,260, and the Civic SI Coupe is $1,260.

2015 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

2015 Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual RatePer Month
SE Sedan$1,020$85
LX Sedan$1,020$85
EX Sedan$1,056$88
HF Sedan$1,056$88
EX-L Sedan$1,092$91
SI Sedan$1,092$91
CNG Sedan$1,140$95
LX Coupe$1,186$99
Hybrid L Sedan$1,220$102
Hybrid Sedan$1,220$102
EX Coupe$1,224$102
EX-L Coupe$1,260$105
SI Coupe$1,260$105

Honda Civic 2014 insurance costs

What’s the average insurance cost for a 2014 Honda Civic? A 2014 Honda Civic’s insurance costs average around $1,076 per calendar year or $90 per month. The Civic HF Sedan rates range from $986 to $1172, while the Civic Hybrid Sedan rates are at $1,172.

2014 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

2014 Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual RatePer Month
HF Sedan$986$82
LX Sedan$986$82
EX Sedan$1,020$85
EX-L Sedan$1,056$88
LX Coupe$1,056$88
SI Sedan$1,056$88
EX Coupe$1,090$91
CNG Sedan$1,100$92
EX-L Coupe$1,124$94
SI Coupe$1,124$94
Hybrid L Sedan$1,172$98
Hybrid Sedan$1,172$98

Honda Civic 2013 Insurance Cost

How much does insurance on the 2013 Honda Civic cost? A 2013 Honda Civic insurance policy costs $1,054 annually or approximately $88 per monthly. Rates for the Civic LX Sedan starts at $984 and go up to $1146 for the Civic Hybrid/Navigation Sedan.

2013 Honda Civic Insurance Cost by Trim Level

2013 Honda Civic Trim LevelAnnual RatePer Month
LX Sedan$984$82
LX Coupe$986$82
EX Sedan$1,016$85
HF Sedan$1,016$85
EX-L Sedan$1,048$87
SI Sedan$1,048$87
EX Coupe$1,060$88
EX-L Coupe$1,090$91
SI Coupe$1,090$91
CNG Sedan$1,110$93
Hybrid Sedan$1,146$96
Hybrid w/Navigation Sedan$1,146$96

How much Honda Civic insurance is for teenagers?

Teenagers can get car insurance at a range of rates on 2021 Honda Civics. They can go as low as $3,372 per year for a 19-year old female driver, to as high as $4,832 for a 16-year-old driver.

Honda Civic insurance costs a typical $4,502 per male and $4,010 per female for a 17-year-old driver. The average insurance rate drops after 18 years, at $4,200 per male and $3,644 per female.

Why is Honda Civic Insurance so expensive? Teen car insurance isn’t just for the Civic. Insurance rates for vehicles with teens as drivers will be extremely high. Teens are more likely to be distracted, inexperienced and cause the most accidents than any other age group.

The Civic is a popular choice for teenager drivers due to its affordability, great aftermarket modifications, and high safety ratings.

The IIHS Top Safety Choice is the 2021 Honda Civic Touring. Because of their poor ratings for halogen headlights the 2021 Civic trims do not get the top award. The IIHS gives the touring model LED headlights a very good rating.

The chart below shows average Honda Civic teenage driver car insurance rates, both male and female.

Honda Civic car insurance rates for teenage
Honda Civic car insurance rates for teenage


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