Commercial insurance

Because of the active activities in the commercial world, businesses always face to many commercial risks which are more and more complicated. Business insurance brings you convenience and best protection with large coverage in only one contract. There are two main types of business insurance:
–    Commercial risk insurance
–    Fire and special risk insurance
Besides, other insurance extensions meet businesses’ various needs:
–    Commercial interruption insurance (for risk insurance only)
–    Coverage on other extension insurance

Two main types of Commercial insurance

–    Commercial risk insurance:
•    This type of insurance provides businesses with full coverage. Instead of choosing insurance coverage for specific risks, you can insure all risks and property damages, except the cases mentioned in the exceptions in the contract.
•    A part form other business insurance, this type provide 13 terms of coverage for free.
•    Businesses can choose other supplementary terms of coverage to meets their own business features with reasonable premium. Thus, with only one insurance contract, businesses can be totally secure and convenient to have extensive coverage and better protection.
–    Fire and special risk insurance
Fire and special risk insure businesses’ property damages resulting from fire, explosions, lightning, accidents caused by airplanes and/ or other air transports, strikes, other natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, thunderstorms and other insured special risks.

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4.5/5 - (643 votes)

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